Sewer/ Watermain

Installation of water main, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer. From small service connections to large diameter trunk lines, gravity flow sewer to force main, we are skilled at open cut installation, jack and bore, and directional drilling methods.

Earthwork/ Grading/ Sitework

Complete site preparation including, clearing, demolition, stripping, erosion control, earthmoving, excavation, soil remediation, and final grading.

Road Construction

Complete street reconstruction including electrical, asphalt paving, concrete curbs, sidewalks, and landscaping/restoration

General Contracting/ Specialty Work

Our in-house engineers work together with clients and our construction forces to expedite the turnover rate from design to construction completion. Grimmer’s construction management team is highly experienced and works with project owners and engineers to make sure projects run smoothly.

Some of our specialty work includes forming and pouring small concrete structures for bridge abutments, underground structures, and foundations. Grimmer has been very involved in local levee and flood protection projects. We have close relationships with many local industrial facilities and help maintain plant infrastructure and utilities.

Wet Tap, Line Stops & Insertion Valves

  • Wet Tap’s are used for watermain application where we need to tap a still pressurized system without interruption to that service. This is perfect for water services or adding a new line to an existing system.
  • Line stops are used to shut down the flow of a particular pipeline. This can be used in planned or emergency scenarios in water or sewage main breaks. This shut down allows for the repair or new line to be successfully installed by preventing the active flow of the existing pipeline.
  • Insertion Valves allows us to tap a pressurized line while incorporating a valve that allows control of the flow. This valve remains in place and can be utilized in the future if a shut down is required again.